• Erasmus+ (Nové príležitosti v multimédiách a umení IV.)


          Názov projektu: Nové príležitosti v multimédiách a umení IV

                                   New Opportunities in Multimedia and Art IV

          Číslo zmluvy o poskytnutí grantu: 2018-1-SK01-KA116-046029

          Trvanie projektu: 24 mesiacov, od 01. 06. 2018 do 31. 05. 2020

          Maximálna výška grantu je 55 763 EUR


          Partnerské organizácie

          1. Filmová akademie Miroslava Ondříčka v Písku, o.p.s., Lipova alej 2068, 397 01 Písek, Česká republika /www.filmovka.cz/
          2. Euromind, Avenida de Hytasa, 36, Edificio Toledo II, Španielsko
          3. Michael Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola reklamní a umělecké tvorby, s.r.o., Machkova 1646, 14900 Praha, Česká republika /www.skolamichael.cz/

          Hlavné aktivity:

          A1 - VET-CHARTER-SHORT - Krátkodobá mobilita žiakov OVP - 21 účastníkov (16 + 5 sprevádzajúci)

          A2 - VET-CHARTER-STA - Odborná príprava zamestnancov v zahraničí - 2 účastníci


          The project was successfully implemented, which is largely thanks to NA Slovakia’s support. The latter responded very promptly to all our requests and necessary modifications to meet all the goals that we had set and even proposed to organise additional mobilities. The number of candidates – who had to meet very demanding criteria – exceeded the possibilities of the project, so we took advantage of the offer to send more pupils for planned mobility stays. The number of placements was increased as follows:

          A1 - VET traineeships in training institutions abroad:
          1. Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola reklamní a umelecké tvorby, s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic;
          number of students: 4 + 1 accompanying person; placement duration: 20 days + 2 travel days.

          A2 - VET traineeships in training institutions abroad:
          1. Euromind, Avenida de Hytasa, 36, Edificio Toledo II, Spain;
          number of students: 4 + 1 accompanying person; placement duration: 20 days + 2 travel days.

          Our partners that we had originally intended to visit in Poland and Luxembourg were not approved. In Poland, we planned to place our students in a company that is essentially Slovak (Towarzystwo Slowakow w Polsce), which is contrary to the program rules. In Luxembourg, we had set an ambitious goal, namely to cover an established film festival. We believe that our intention as to the nature of the placement was misunderstood. Since we are holders of the “Charter”, there is no room in the application to explain the activities. We are therefore afraid that there may be further misunderstandings of this kind in the future.

          Despite the original cuts, we were happy to tale advantage of the opportunity for additional mobilities and ended up sending out 18 students, 2 VET teachers and 5 accompanying persons. We also increased the number of accompanying persons and we covered these mobilities from our budget resources for project management. A large number of accompanying persons is crucial given the specific nature of our mobilities. Shooting takes place in small groups or in pairs and we need to supervise the handling of our professional equipment, which we bring from our own TV studio. Moreover, several different tasks are being executed simultaneously during the placement. While one group is shooting, the other is editing the material as part of the post-production of the videos, and there are yet others writing articles and commentaries. Each of these groups needs a supervisor.

          The main objectives and needs of our target groups were met:

          • The students and the teachers became acquainted with new techniques and technologies and methods in the teaching process
          and learned about educational practices abroad. They applied the creative know-how of each of the organisations involved in the project,
          thus improving the quality of their own VET teaching methods.
          During the placements at Michael - Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola reklamní a umelecké tvorby, s.r.o. in Prague the students worked in photographic studios, attended an excursion to the Barrandov film studios, practiced outdoor photography, took part in graphic workshops and edited their photos using specialised software under the supervision of photography experts.
          In September 2016, the founder of Michael – Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola reklamní a umelecké tvorby, s.r.o. in Prague
          opened a university of creative communications entitled Vysoká škola kreativní komunikace. During the placement, the teachers had the chance to get acquainted with the university and its management and financing system as well as to visit its studios. In addition, both the students and the teachers were invited to participate in the role of observers at the practical part of the university’s graduation exams.

          • The students and the teachers gained experience at international level in audiovisual and multimedia production.
          The students had to face the challenge of working in a new environment and had to choose themselves the right technological procedures and the appropriate equipment to complete their assignments (outdoor reporting, video shooting, outdoor photography).
          • Another interesting placement was organised at the FAMO - Filmová akademie Miroslava Ondříčka in Písek, the Czech Republic. The students had the opportunity to work as assistants on a television set in the school’s own studios. It was a very interesting opportunity to try out work in a TV studio.
          • In Malaga, Spain, the students worked on videos that covered mobilities in three Spanish cities - Seville, Úbeda and Malaga.
          They created a series of short videos covering the placements of Polish, Czech, Austrian students and created a special trailer version for the web.
          • In addition to prescribed assignments, the participants worked on their own projects with an emphasis on own creativity, thus gaining experience from having to work in an unknown environment, whether it be in Seville, Malaga, Prague or Písek.
          • By the means of art they contributed to increasing the intercultural awareness that is part of our everyday
          Lives. The resulting portfolio can be viewed online at https://vimeo.com/filmovaskola and

          In total, 25 VET placements for students, accompanying persons and teachers were organised in vocational institutions and companies abroad (CZ, ES) between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2020.

          Zdroj: Project Results Platform

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